Gender Equality

We actively support gender equality and equal opportunities by offering the following measures to our CRC scientists, many of them in close cooperation with the TUM school of medicine Coordination Office for Equal Opportunity and Career Planning (KeCK)(link is external).

We offer demand-orientated coaching sessions, workshops and seminars on diverse topics such as leadership, communication, conflict management and many others. Whenever possible, the events are offered in English.
Because women are underrepresented at the management level in science and academia, career advancement measures designed to promote gender equality can only be funded if they benefit women.

Our next workshop on Poster Presentation will take place in November 2021. For more information please contact sends e-mail).

Past Workshops

  • My Virtual Elevator Pitch (July 2021)

  • Nature Masterclasses – virtual workshop with focus on scientific writing and scientific publishing (April 2021)

  • Debate training for research - How to argue productively (November 2020)

  • Make an Impact: Networking and Self-Presentation (July 2020)

  • Career Development Through Research Funding (January 2020)

  • Conversation and Communication (July 2019)