Equal Opportunity

We actively support equal opportunities by offering the following measures to our CRC scientists, many of them in close cooperation with the TUM school of medicine Coordination Office for Equal Opportunity and Career Planning (KeCK).

Workshops and Coaching

We offer demand-orientated coaching sessions, workshops and seminars on diverse topics such as leadership, communication, conflict management and many others. Because women are underrepresented at the management level in science and academia, career advancement measures designed to promote gender equality can only be funded if they benefit women, especially those in the early stages of their careers.


To support young female scientists and pyhsician scientists in their career planning we provide free access to KeCK's mentoring program.

Child Care

Via the KeCK family service, we support mothers and fathers of young children in finding day care and offer after hours child care, for example during late CRC meetings.

Family Support

Additionally we help to reconcile work and family life by funding home office equipment, and preferentially allocating student helper positions to our CRC members on maternal/parental leave or with young children.

Network Meeting for Female Scientists

The network meetings are a joint action of the SFBs 824, 1321, 1335, 1371 and the TRRs 237 and 267. We meet regularly, every first Thursday of the month, alternating between 8:30 am in the morning and 6 pm in the evening at the Café über den Tellerrand to give all those who are interested the opportunity to attend the meeting once in a while.

Sometimes, we invite guests to focus on a certain topic of common interest, e.g. reconciliation of work and family life or networking strategies. Any suggestions for further topics are always welcome, just drop us a line.

There is no registration necessary, but, if possible, we would be happy to get a short e-mail to facilitate organization. We are looking forward to meeting you, identify and discuss common interests and invite you for a snack and a drink.

Exceptionally, because of the summer holidays, our next meeting will not be on the first, but the second Thursday of the month: 12th September at 8:30 am. Our meeting in September will focus on how to combine a scientific career with kids and family planning. We will invite scientists at different career stages who have children and are willing to share their experiences