Role of SCF-type ubiquitin ligases in NF-κB driven lymphomagenesis

Prof. Dr. med. Florian Bassermann

Technical University of Munich
School of Medicine
Department of Hematology and Oncology(link is external)
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Project Summary

Activation of NF-κB is strongly regulated by signaling cascades that depend on protein phosphorylation and degradative and non-degradative functions of the ubiquitin system. We identified the orphan F-Box protein FBXO21 as a prime candidate for the long-sought p50 ubiquitin ligase, and found overexpression of FBXO21 in human B cell malignancies. This project will mechanistically dissect the FBXO21-p50 axis in the context of lymphoma development and maintenance. In parallel, we will explore the overall role of F-box family ubiquitin ligases and their counter players, the deubiquitylases, in NF-κB control and cancer-linked aberrations thereof using functional genetic screens and proteomic approaches.