Lecture Series

"Immune Cell Signaling in Cancer"

The lecture series is open to all PhD students and postdocs of the CRC 1335 and is integrated into the PhD program of the Medical Graduate School. In addition to becoming familiar with general concepts, you will have the chance to get insight into the latest developments of our CRC 1335 research.

The lectures take place in general every first Wednesday of the month at 4:30 PM and are currently held in virtual format. We will switch to an in-person/hybrid format as soon as the situation allows.

Please contact sfb1335.events.klinchem@med.tum.de(link sends e-mail) if you are interested in attending one of our online events. 

Upcoming Lectures
5:00 PM
Julia Jellusova
Organelle Homeostasis and Autophagy in Cancer
4:30 PM
Marc Rosenbaum
Regulatory T cells and their role in anti-tumor immunity

Past Lectures

4:30 PM
Jan Böttcher
The role of dendritic cells in cancer immunology
4:30 PM
Jürgen Ruland
Immune signals in T cell lymphoma
4:30 PM
Simon Heidegger
Intercellular communication via Extracellular vesicles in the tumor microenvironment
5:00 PM
Oliver Weigert
Translational genetics in B cell lymphomas
4:30 PM
Julia Jellusova
The role of metabolites and metabolic enzymes in governing immune signaling in cancer
4:30 PM
Maike Buchner
Immune cell signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
4:30 PM
Vanesa Fernández-Sáiz
Protein hemostasis in B-cell malignancies
4:30 PM
Barbara Schraml
Dendritic cells in intestinal carcinogenesis